22 November 2023


Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi presents DELHI CLASSICAL MUSIC FESTIVAL on 24 – 26 November 2023 at Godavari Auditorium of Andhra Association, Lodhi Road, Gokulpuri Institutional Area, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.

“Thrilled to announce my performance at the esteemed Delhi Classical Music Festival on November 24th! Calling all music enthusiasts, friends and music connoisseurs near Delhi/NCR, your presence will make it truly special. Can’t wait to share the musical magic with you!,” says the celebrated Shehnai maestro and renowned musician Lokesh Anand.

“As the notes of anticipation crescendo, I’m overjoyed to unveil a significant chapter in my musical odyssey. On November 24th, I’ll be gracing the stage at the esteemed Delhi Classical Music Festival, where melodies weave stories and rhythms echo through the ages.

Calling out to all the discerning ears, fellow enthusiasts, and cherished friends in Delhi/NCR – mark your calendars! Your presence is not just a witness; it’s a vital part of the symphony we’ll create together. Join me in this celebration of musical artistry, as we paint the air with harmonies that linger long after the final bow.The stage is set, the melodies are poised, and the countdown begins,” he added.

Maestro Lokesh Anand has received many prestigious awards including Shehnai Ratna Award, Abhinav Kala Award, Sangeet Sadhak Award, Sangeet Ratna Award, Surmani Award, Yash Kala Award, Swarveni Ratna Award, Anhad Naad Brahma Award and Sangeet Kala Gaurav Award.

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