31 JANUARY 2022


Debabrata De is an eminent artist living in Kolkata.

He has been sculpting for decades and has made a niche for himself.

He has received a Diploma in Fine Arts from Indian College of Arts and Draftsmanship, Kolkata and started his career primarily as a painter.

He later moved to sculpture and found his true strength in terracotta and bronze depicting multiple human figures of “marginalized and dispossessed” people.

From the very first work in bronze, “Memories”, one can see the human face and his affection towards the deprived people in the society.  

Debabrata De has conducted many exhibitions and workshops in India and abroad.

He has conducted exhibitions at Greenwich Citizen Art Gallery and Ipswich Art gallery, UK.

Debabrata De works with great diligence till the figures match with the images that he has perceived in his mind. His works elaborate the strength of his composition and the presence of an aura of their own and makes it most perfect. This makes his work unique and sets him apart from the contemporary sculptors.

The recent bronze work, “Ratha Jatra” has taken 8 months and 18 days to portray 833 humans with vivid emotions and inspirations on bronze.

The group compositions exhibit his remarkable craftsmanship and sensitivity in handling minute details in the finished creation.

‘Musician’, ‘Lockdown’ and ‘Durga’ are some of his recent works.

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