18 February 2023

CRAVING TIME – a solo show by renowned artist and sculptor, Rajesh Ram is on show at Palette Art Gallery, New Delhi.

“My works offer a contemplative space for the viewer to explore their own feelings and experiences in relation to the themes I have explored,” says the eminent artist Rajesh Ram.

CRAVING TIME, a unique collection of 40 stoneware sculptures delves  deep into the depths of the human experience, exploring themes of reality, power and the intersection of human and animal forms.

“Drawing on his extensive knowledge of nature, history and anatomy, Rajesh Ram creates imaginative and thought-provoking sculptures that challenge the viewer’s perceptions of materiality. Each piece is a fusion of strength and fragility, reflecting the duality and paradox of the human condition,” says Rohit Gandhi, the director of the prestigious Palette Art Gallery.

“One of the highlights of the exhibition is Ram’s Homo Sapien series, which explores the evolution of man through the lens of Indian temple sculptures. These 10 sculptures depict the human form in various styles and figurations, offering a bridge between the past and the present and showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. Another central theme of the exhibition is the relationship between art and architecture. Artist Rajesh Ram has created a series of works that blend religious art and architecture, incorporating elements of botanical patterns and small, specific depictions. He uses architecture as a visual expression of his art, exploring the roots of human existence and the passage of history through the ages”.

“In addition to his Homo Sapien series, Ram’s works also explore the intersection of man and nature. One particularly striking piece, Half Head, features a fusion of a man’s head and a roaring hippo, symbolizing the power dynamics that exist in human history,” says the director.

“Standing in the dimly lit avant-garde space at Palette Art Gallery, looking at the filigree of shadows in stoneware, you feel like you could soar or sink into solitude within the volume of the room,” says the renowned artist Rajesh Ram.

The exhibition at Palette Art Gallery/ 14 Golf Link/ New Delhi  will continue till 11March 2023.

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