22 August 2022 /

COLOURS OF MYSTERY – A Solo Exhibition by Shrikant Kadam is on show at SHRIDHARANI GALLERY TRIVENI KALA SANGAM/ 205 TANSEN MARG HOUSE/ MANDI HOUSE/ NEW DELHI from Monday/ 22 August 2022 at 5:30 PM Onwards.

 “Nature is an integral part of every living being. Artists have always derived inspiration from nature. It is the motivation as nature is the ultimate truth. In today’s world a lot of study and research is continuously being done on nature.

Who is the creator of this beautiful nature? The vivid shapes and ever-changing and enchanting unique Colours in nature are in synchronization with changing seasons and are surprising and breath-taking. This is the ultimate phenomenon that inspires me to discover minute wonders of nature and try sincerely and persistently to reproduce it on my canvas.

Nature is unpredictable. It follows its own will and it is sometimes soothing and turbulent at other times. Artists admire it because of its sincerity and sanctity. There is a certain depth and transparency in it which he tries to reproduce in the art,” says the renowned artist Shrikant Kadam. 

“I try to transform nature through my imagination and portray it in a special manner”.

Shrikant Kadam believes that the thinking process along with the technique is very important in creating a near-to-real replica of nature. For the past 19 years, he has been working on the series “Nature” and has been trying to unveil the secrets of nature.

 “I first made a communication with the space on canvas, I tried to feel the canvas and observe it. And at the spur of moment my inner soul inspires me to a particular colour and that leads me to the discrete statement of art for the day. Colours bring the shapes and sometimes shapes bring the colours on the canvas”.

Shrikant Kadam is an artist who lives amongst the common folk and his abstract as well as realistic paintings offer an insight into his views and emotions.   

The eminent artist Shrikant Kadam is a graduate from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune and Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai.

He has received many state and national  awards.

He has exhibited 14 solo shows and 100 group shows in India and abroad including at Holland, Jakarta, Indonesia, Germany, Paris and London.  He has attended 24 national and 4 international Artist Camps also.

He has exhibited his works in 13 charity and fundraiser shows all over India and donated funds for society.

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