22 June 2024/

WORKSHOP BY CHINMAYA DEVY at TASMAI Puducherry on 23 June 2024 @ 4.00 PM

“Chinmaya Devy, Textile designer from Puducherry is very much enthusiastic in creating sustainable art and products by using eco-friendly materials and the process of energy efficient upcycling,” says the organisers of the CLAY JEWELLERY to be held at Tasmai, Puducherry on 23 June 2024.

In this workshop, Chinmaya Devy teaches how to use clay for making nature inspired forms and use them to create beautiful jewellery, celebrating nature. 

Chinmaya Devy from Pondicherry is a Textile designer from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and worked as a Print Designer in the Home furnishing industry and presently working as Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Children’s magazines. She studied Art therapy and also teaches art to students and adults. Being a nature enthusiast, she tries to portray the bond between humans and nature through art. 

Chinmaya Devy also conducts Chinmayam Art and Design Studio, Pondicherry.  

Recently Chinmaya Devi has participated in the Public art Project of Tasmai, Puducherry celebrating the wonders of mural art, protecting the environment and rich culture.

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