18 January 2023


CELEBRATIONS IN COLOUR – an Exhibition of art works of renowned artists LARISSA NOURY and SURESH K. NAIR is on show at KA The Art Gallery, Lanka, Varanasi (India) from 17 January 2023 till 22 January 2023. Aryama Sanyal, Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi inaugurated the exhibition.

“When two visual artists from two completely different perspectives of living and geographical land express their language through individual practice and philosophy and through a different understanding of life. But they still manage to find a lot of similarities that bring them together to start a conversation. They create a new harmony and it plays a role, like a minute of light that we romanticized to express the word “unity”. And in a way, the expression tells us how one and the same we are!” says Pulak K. Sarkar, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and Curator of the Show. 

 The renowned artist Larissa Noury is an Architect-colourist and works as Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris.  She also worked as Professor of Colour, Department of Arts, Bordeaux & High School of Arts & Techniques Paris and Guest researcher-colourist, Scandinavian Colour Institute, Stockholm.

Suresh K Nair, Professor, Department of Painting, Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi  has acquired a major presence in the Indian and International art scene over the last decade conducting several successful shows with regional and international galleries and museums. He studied Mural Painting from the Institute of Mural Painting Guruvayur, Kerala and Visva Bharati University, Santiniken.

“Varanasi-based artist Suresh K. Nair addresses the solitude of life by pen drawing and water colour, maintaining a miniature approach on card. The main part of this series, which has been running since 2019, flourished during the pandemic. His figurative drawings in different postures expresses the diversity of life and at the same time, the repetition of similar figures creates a pattern- the pattern of life; that depicts how life is the same for every different individual. His use of color and decorations defines and brightens up every aspect of life”.

“On the other hand, Larissa Noury is an artist based in France who walks beyond the abundance of life in Paris in search of the shape of the primeval universe, and its nature. She built the abstract language of colour through a meditative approach, where she explores the worldly relation of those abstract natural colours through her architectural body performance.

And she addresses more, how this jagged surface of abstraction plays with someone’s mental state to think of the poetic character of life. And her use of colour layer by layer makes one see life anew, without borders, no centre of gravity, and without any forms that could be clearly defined.”Pulak K. Sarkar narrates the artworks of the two eminent artists.

“Every time Suresh K. Nair comes with a surprise. In the last 10 years there has been a constant effort by the artists of BHU and Varanasi to do something great, considering Varanasi as the spiritual capital for putting up the show and inspiring the young mind,” says Dr.Pradosh Mishra, Ph. D, Fulbright Nehru Fellow and Professor of History of Art, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi and Art Historian at the inaugural function.

It’s very mesmerising… It’s a riot of colours, colours the essence of life because life itself is mesmerising and it is truly depicted in life and love. Vice versa, also I would say. It truly depicts all the colours; subtle colours, bright colours and even the artists wear so colourfully…  All of us joined in seeing the creativity of the artists as the depiction of life and creation, God’s own creations,” says Aryama Sanyal, Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport, Varanasi.

“CELEBRATION IN COLOUR– the exhibition takes us to the place where life is attempted to be woven into a thread. The exhibition spoke to stand like an architectural monument to witness every ups and downs of life and give him the courage to face them. It is said to celebrate every color together across countries, differences, races, castes, traditions, and borders,” the Curator calls all to witness the diversity and harmony of life of two historic traditions of art and culture here.

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