17 October 2023 /


BURNED ADOBE – solo show of recent paintings of renowned artist Jayasree PG

CHOLA ART GALLERY, PALACE ROAD, CHALAKUDY, KERALA presents recent paintings of renowned artist Jayasree PG from 14 October 2023 till 24 October 2023.

The Inauguration of the Show was held on 14 October 2023.

Renowned artist Jayasree PG says on her Paintings Series- ‘Baked Earth’: ‘Baked Earth’ (Chutta Mannu) is the concept caption I have selected for my paintings since 2014. Such a concept came into my consciousness or memories while living in such areas where tile factories and brick kilns existed before concepts of modern architecture were introduced.

I have voluntarily and sometimes involuntarily recreated such forsaken remains, their lights and shadows, and visions of burned or half-burned earthen objects and spaces that never became a reality.

My aspire to transcend such symbolic and historical context to capture the images of deeply rooted and now frozen, mysterious and transparent visuals is looking desperately towards us, but I am constantly trying to project them on the eyes of art.

The viewers can describe my art as the expressions of a particular ‘space and time that were once endlessly burned to furnish human beings’ safe and comfortable lives.

“Artist  Jayasree PG, one of the remarkable contemporary Indian artists knows how to translate a visual ‘insecurity’ into a visual surprise, which is called a visual refuge for us from the heap of visual perplexities lamented with emotional and social satire lavishly littered along the thoroughfare of our current and ineffectual existence,” says well-known Poet, Writer and Artist EH Pushkin.

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