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Beyond the boundaries of Space, Man and Art

International exhibition at The Supia Museum of Art, Daegu – South Korea

The renowned artist Larissa Noury, Architect-colourist and Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris writes on “Beyond the boundaries of Space, Man and Art”, an International exhibition at ‘The Supia Museum of Art’, Daegu – South Korea.

“Colour speak all languages” – Joseph Addison

The Supia Art Museum is located in the forest of the largest private garden of South Korea. It strives to revitalize local art through various exhibitions and by networking with various artists. The operating committee composed of experts serve as a stepping-stone for the participating artists to take a leap forward.

“The Supia Museum of Art is not just a place to appreciate art works; it also strives to promote cultural and artistic exchanges such as exhibitions, education, performances and experiences, as well as experiential programs for communication. The art experience program gives confidence to the public and contributes to improving the quality of life. You can come to the Supia Art Museum to discover beautiful nature, to experience the art exhibition and to listen to the music. Welcome to the Supia Art Museum.” – said Lim Bae-won, President and Founder of Supia Art Museum.

Currently the Supia Art Museum shows a three-person, three-color exhibition under the theme of “Beyond the Boundaries of Space, Humans, and Art”, which was held from July 14, 2023 and will continue till September 17, 2023.

Bang Nakyo, Art director of Supia Museum of Art, said, “Thus, ‘Beyond the Boundaries of the Universe, Humans and Art’  exhibition contains various themes and metaphors, this exhibition will be a meaningful one that reconsiders and revisits the meaning of space and life, human beings and art. It is a rare opportunity to appreciate the unique pictorial language of the three artists in the same space.”

In addition, artist Jeongsik Kim summons the iconic icon of popular culture, the Beatles, to visualize their life and music as pop art (the artist himself plays the music of the Beatles with a guitar to realize the unification of sight and hearing, painting and music).

Lastly, artist Byun Kaka borrows ‘Nature Exploration’, a childhood vacation subject.

During the inauguration of the exhibition the performance of Larissa Noury as an “alive painting”, dancing with her painted dress with the musical group of Jeongsik Kim, playing the “Love” of Beatles, was very warmly received by the public.

The renowned artist Larissa Noury is an Architect-colourist and works as Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris.  She also worked as Professor of Colour, Department of Arts, Bordeaux & High School of Arts & Techniques Paris, Guest researcher-colourist, Scandinavian Colour Institute, Stockholm and President-founder of CEC “Colour-Space-Culture” International Association.

Artist Larissa Noury shares a quote of Pablo Picasso:  “Art washes away the dust of everyday life from the soul”

Larissa Noury says that “Art as universal language transcends words. It has no language barriers. It can be understood not only by art critics trained in deciphering the meaning of its symbols, but by any human being who cares enough to engage with an image”.


“The language of these ‘Universe of Colors’ is like a banquet of metaphors that embody the hopes of human beings who constantly seek happiness in life at every moment,” she added.

The colour is a hope for happiness.  It is the philosophy, which this creator applies, in her work and everyday life. Evolution of architecture of coloured strata in constant transformation, unsuspected beauty of nature, the interaction of the forms… It is towards this universe of harmony that entails us.

Everything lies in the pondering, the observation, and the interdisciplinary beauties that conceal the natural space. A perception, which the eye displays, transfigures and transforms.

Everything lies in the pondering, the observation, and the interdisciplinary beauties that conceal the natural space. A perception, which the eye displays, transfigures and transforms. The colour is a fundamental excitement that moves along with the shape, and reflects it between light and shadow, gives it the power and the blooming, not to say the nobility of soul, the renowned colourist Larissa Noury writes in detail of  ‘three-person, three-color exhibition’ under the theme “Beyond the Boundaries of Space, Humans, and Art”.

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