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ART AND HAUTE COUTURE  –  The exhibition, the conference and the performance of Larissa Noury in Paris took place in the House of Associative and Citizen Life of the very famous Latin Quarter.

The event -Art and Haute Couture was organized by the French Colour Center (Centre Francais de la Couleur), a unique representative of the International Colour association( AIC).   It is the collaboration between the artists and the Couturier, who designs high end fashions of high quality unusual fabric sewn with extreme care and detail.

The exhibition of renowned artist Larissa Noury’s showed her tactile painting as a source of inspiration for painted dresses created with Jean Marie Pujol, couturier. The conference demonstrated the collaboration between couturiers and artists of the 20th century and also presented dresses created by the couturier Jean-Marie Pujol and painted in resonance with the paintings of Larissa Noury, Gold Medal of the International Lepine competition.

Lastly, the performance of Larissa painted dress “Golden Sun” was perceived by the public as a “Living painting”.

It is higher than Haute Couture; it is something that adds a very personal touch to a haute couture creation. This artwork is painted freehand and the dress is a continuation of colour harmony from Larissa’s paintings. The colour gold has many meanings. It was originally the symbol of sunlight, element of wealth and domination. Gold is the color of luxury, absolute perfection, balance, inner illumination and even immortality.


“I love Gold, It is a magical colour, for the reflection of a woman it is a colour of the sun”- said Yves Saint Laurent

“Art has often been a major source of inspiration for dress designers of the XXth century. We can talk about some creations by Paul Poiret, Sonia Delaunay, Elsa Schiaparelli, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy and others. In their profession, art is a part of fashion. The designers paraphrase the masters of painting. This connection between art and fashion is obvious from the end of the XIXth century,” said renowned artist Larissa Noury.

“In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal, and the inimitable.” — used to say Christian Dior where the couturier Jean-Marie Pujol began his career. Together with Jean-Marie Pujol we created a collection of painted dresses. This collaboration, this DIALOGUE is a cross between the know-how of the craftsman, couturier and designer and talent of a visual artist and designer-colorist.  It brings a new richness to the colors of haute couture and writes a new page in the history of art and fashion. My inspiration comes from my own painting, from within. Jean Marie Pujol, a couturier who worked with Dior and Yves Saint Laurent at the time, designed several dresses to be painted using my technique to perpetuate the union of art and fashion. With this personal style, we created a series of hand painted dresses presented during exhibitions and international events,” the artist added.

“Jean Marie Pujol worked as an assistant at Dior atelier, then was an assistant in Yves Saint Laurent couture house before creating his own couture house. He has had as clients a very famous actress and personalities such as: Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, Natalie Wood, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Brigitte Bardoand others. 

We met in 2005 during one important reception in Montmartre, the artist area in Paris where I live and work. And created a series of hand painted dresses on silk, every dress is an art piece with its oven personal and original history.

A dress as I conceive it is an ephemeral architecture intended to exalt the proportions of the female body” – said Dior. Me, I structure modern dresses with my tactile colors and color plays a particularly unique role here,” explained Larissa.

The reaction of public was very positive and enthusiastic:

 “It was perfect. And I heard it from the mouths of the participants, a lesson on fashion, colors, incarnations and outstanding personalities of this wonderful sector of activity, beauty as a conclusion simply magnificent”- Simon Tenga, writer.

“My dear Larissa, I remain on the poetic excellence of your presentation, a success well appreciated by the audience”- France Lavergne-Cler, architecte-coloriste.

“All the reactions were very enthusiastic and I believe that the public really likes this kind of presentation with live paintings as well!”- Patrick Callet, President of French Colour Center(CFC).

“I have been able to discover a complete journey for several years, a continuous flow of shapes, colours of their mixtures, which I find very successful. It was very impressive, it deserves to be exhibited in even bigger and more prestigious places.”- Claude Patrick, couturier.

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