18 January 2023

ARCHITECTONICS – a group show by artists – Joydip Acharjee, Sharad Sonkusale, Anil Thambai and Narayan Biswas

PALETTE ART GALLERY, NEW DELHI  presents a group show of artworks of artists Joydip Acharjee, Sharad Sonkusale, Anil Thambai and Narayan Biswas.

The Exhibition – Architectonics, a group show featuring the works of four contemporary artists  Joydip Acharjee, Sharad Sonkusale, Anil Thambai and Narayan Biswas is on view until 25 January 2023.

The collection of artworks in the exhibition – Architectonics highlights the dynamics of the built environment that we encounter in our daily lives but may not always pay attention to and make these dynamics visible to the audience by bringing attention to the nature of the spaces in which we work, drive, sleep and play all the days. 

“My works are basically an investigation into the idea of what constitutes the idea of architecture in history,” says Anil Thambai who has been fascinated to build his artistic career in the peaceful environment of Kerala, depicting classical architectural elements and presents them from an unusual perspective through his series, ‘A Nap Under the Cloud’.

“The works also bring the idea of personal and the uses of artistic labor to question various divisions of minor and major art from both colonial and post-colonial context,” says Narayan Biswas, Baroda-based artist whose work ‘Virasat’ explores the history and legacy of craftsmanship in relation to living memories of the past. His sculptural pieces are a response to urban architectural developments that do not align with traditional notions of form, motifs, values, and heritage.

Joydip Acharjee is an artist who was trained in Tripura and later in Kolkata. He conceives architectural elements in painting and in his series, ‘Anatomy of Structures’ he portrays buildings that reflect and absorb atmospheric light.

The sunlight, although unseen, is a central presence in the work, leaving behind the etched visible contours. His work has been featured in the Centre of International Modern Art (CIMA) and his series is a creative expression of lines, shapes, colours and architecture. 

Sharad Sonkusale, trained at JJ School of Art in Mumbai became fascinated with the urban landscape. His works,‘Connecting with the Unseen’ and ‘Stillness II’ explore how individuals create and interact with the metropolis. 

“ The work – Urban Suspension, deconstructs urbanism presenting a chaotic assemblage of abstracted materials, where emerging shapes suggest the potential for future order, design and construction,” Sharad Sonkusale says.


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