01 MAY 2021


US President Joe Biden declared on the eve of his 100th day in office that America is “on the move again”.

“America is ready for takeoff.”

US President made this historic statement in a joint session of Congress on  29 April 2021, proposing 1.8 trillion USD Plan to rebuild the post-pandemic US and give new life to the “forgotton” workers in the country.

 “It’s time for corporate America and the wealthiest 1 per cent of Americans to pay their fair share – just pay their fair share.”

Joe Biden made the historic speech pleading all to work with him.

Biden stressed the need for a national effort that must focus on rebuilding the economy with the largest jobs plan that will assure “good paying jobs that can’t be outsourced.”

US President laid a sweeping plan for jobs,  education and social care that included universal pre-school,  free community college,  elderly care before the Congress.

 This will help making transformative investments to rescue and rebuild the economy injecting stimulus into almost all sectors of economy and initiate drastic reforms including police reforms, pro-immigrant reforms and gun control mechanisms.

“The Independent experts estimate the American Jobs Plan will create millions of jobs and trillions of dollars to the economic growth in the years to come.   It is a – it is an eight-year programme.” Joe Biden said.

The President assured that he will strengthen the Affordable Care Act and expand Medicare coverage benefits without costing taxpayers an additional amount.

Regarding foreign policy he specifically declared:

“No one nation can succeed alone. We welcome the competition and are not looking for conflict.”

“America is moving – moving forward –  but we can’t stop now. We’re in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st Century. We’re at a great inflection point in history.”

President also made his strong commitment and said:

“America will not back away from our commitments ­–  our commitment to human rights and fundamental freedoms and to our alliances.”

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