6 August 2022 /

Department of Design, Delhi Technological University, New Delhi in collaboration with The Calligraphy Foundation, New Delhi is all set to present Akshar Mahotsav on Wednesday, 10 August 2022  (9.00AM to 6.00PM)



“Akshar Mahotsava is a part of Foundation’s Awareness Project .  The soul of Akshar Mahotsav is to celebrate the scripts in order to keep them alive.  We feel that a civilization that does not keep its own script communicates with someone else’s script. The Foundation has been working hard to encourage the use of paper, pen, and ink to support this process .

Moving in the same direction, we are now working together with Delhi Technological University, New Delhi – Department of Design to commemorate this day as Akshar Mahotsav (Akshar = letter, Mahotsav = festival, which when combined stands for the festival of letters) and raise awareness about this thriving visual form of writing. We are interacting with the calligraphy community through this event and inspiring calligraphers across India to master the skill and display it in their own distinctive way. As a nation, we are also honoring Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, a government of India’s endeavor to celebrate and remember 75 years of independence and the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements,” says the organisers of Akshar Mahotsava.

 Mahotsav is structured according to the three phases of learning:

• Introduction to Calligraphy – It includes workshops , sessions and a knowledge desk and awareness section . Workshops include , , pointed pen, and broad edge introduction sessions. Knowledge desks where you can connect with eminent calligraphers and explore the fundamentals of numerous scripts. The awareness section will provide information on various regional scripts.

• Application of Calligraphy – It includes Wall Murals , Calligraphy Paintings , Engraving , Tattoo design , Gilding . The most exciting is the live presentation, which will aid in developing a thorough comprehension of the letterforms and composition.

• Celebration of Calligraphy – Celebration is all about fun with Letters . Group activity that includes having fun with letters, colours, and exploring conventional l and non-conventional methods of calligraphy.

Furthermore, the Mahotsav offers Calligraphy products stalls where participants can purchase the necessary tools to begin their Calligraphy journey.

Various artists across India are joining this event hence it would work as a networking point where the Calligraphers can connect, share and inspire . The invitation to participate in this event is extended to a number of institutions, including schools, universities, embassies, museums, and academies.

Images  & content credit/ Akshar Mahotsava

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