27 MAY 2022/


 “Countries taking part in the 5th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour in South Africa are being urged to do more to end child labour by 2025,” reported UN News.

The Durban Call to Action’  commits to eliminate child labour and the worst forms of labour including forced labour by promoting decent work, universalising access to education and social protection.

 “We are here because we share a common conviction that child labour in all its facets is an enemy. Child labour is an enemy of our children’s development and an enemy of progress. No civilization, no country and no economy can consider itself to be at the forefront of progress if its success and riches have been built on the backs of children.” South African President Cyril Ramaphosa called on delegates to take “far-reaching actions” to make a difference in the lives of children at the 5th Global Conference on the elimination of Child Labour hosted by the Government of South Africa, reported UN News.

This is the first time the Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour was held in Africa, a region where child labour is rampant and highest, as reported by International Labour Organization (ILO).

“Some may say that child labour is an inevitable consequence of poverty and that we have to accept that. But this is wrong. We can never resign ourselves to child labour,” said Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General.

The Conference discussed Key Topics – Today’s actions, tomorrow’s progress at Darban, South Africa.

  •        The elimination of child labour as a condition to positive labour market performance with a human-centered approach (education, skills development, life-long learning and school-to-decent work transition, depending on the age group)
  •  The high prevalence of child labour in agriculture, which is closely linked to poverty, informality and family survival strategies
  •      The formalization of the informal economy and the creation of decent work
  •  The need for additional resources and targeted policies addressing the root causes of child labour and forced labour
  •   The challenge of COVID-19 eventually reverting years of progress in the fight against child labour, forced labour and child trafficking

Earlier Global Conferences were held in Buenos Aires (2017), Brasilia (2013), The Hague (2010), and Oslo (1997) which raised awareness of the issue, assessed progress, mobilized resources and established a strategic action against child labour.

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