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Nurturing emerging talents,  NRTIYABRITTI BATAYAM, an institution dedicated to the promotion of Indian Classical art among the younger generations, presented 5th DURGAPUR DANCE & MUSIC FESTIVAL celebrating vibrant Indian dance and music extravaganza.  The festival marked the presence of eminent Gurus and artists from all over India including Guru T. Shankar Narayanan and Tarun Bose (Photography).  Hon. MLA Narendranath Chakraborty (MLA, Pandaveswar) attended the function as Chief Guest.   Hon. SDM Durgapur Dr. Sourav Chatterjee and other dignitaries graced the occasion as Hon’ Guests.


Dr. Mahua Mukherjee & Group / Guru Pallavi Krishnan(Mohiniyattam)/ Partha Sarathi Debnath (Kathak)/ Prolay Sarkar & Ramyani Roy ( Kathakali)/ Rabir Alo Santiniketan (Manipuri)/Nrityabritti Batayan/Guru Rina Jana & Group (Odissi)/ Bhaswati Mitra (Classical Vocal)/ Ayon Banerjee (Sitar) / Pancham (Group) (Bharatanatyam)/

“Durgapur Dance and Music Festival, the first of its kind in Durgapur was started by Nrtiyabritti Batayan in 2015 with a vision to cultivate interest in Indian Classical art forms among the younger generations. After a brief pause of three years, we resumed our journey of spreading the essence of Indian Culture,” says Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa Mahanta, renowned Indian classical dancer and Director of Durgapur Dance and Music Festival,  who has been conducting workshops and performances in India and abroad including Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and more.

“The institute has quite a long legacy in the heart of Durgapur of over 19 years and we have the experiences of the numerous programs and workshops conducted throughout the country,” she added.


Renowned artists Dr. Mahua Mukherjee (Gaudiya), Guru Rina Jana (Odissi), Guru Pallavi Krishnan (Mohiniyattam), Bhaswati Mitra (Classical Vocal), Partha Sarathi Debnath (Kathak), Ayon Banerjee (Sitar), Ramyani Roy & Praloy Sarkar (Kathakali), Pancham (Bharatanatyam), Rabir Alo Santiniketan (Manipuri) enthralled the audience in the prestigious 5th edition of Durgapur Dance and Music Festival (DDMF) 2023.

The opening dance was performed by the students of Nrityabritti Batayan. The junior students, aged 4-10 performed to Guru Bramha, inaugurating the performance dias by seeking the blessings of almighty and their guru Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa Mahanta.

Students performed famous slokam Mooshika Vahana followed by a Sitar session by Ayon Banerjee, accompanied by Soubhik Sarkar in Tabla. The festival also featured a recitation collage performance, Kothokotha and a mesmerising performance by Bhaswati Mitra, the classical and Hindustani Vocal artist who was accompanied by Debottam Mohapatra on Harmonium and Swarup Mondal on Tabla. Concluding the music performances, an award ceremony was conducted, recognising the achievements and contributions of various artists in their respective fields.

The audience enjoyed a splendid Classical dance performance of Rabir Alo Shantiniketan and artists in Manipuri. Eminent artists Dr. Mahua Mukherjee & toupe (Gaudiya), Pancham (Bharatanatyam Group), Partha Sarathi Debnath (Kathak), Guru Pallavi Krishnan (Mohiniyattam), Guru Rina Jana & troupe (Odissi) and Kathakali by Ramyani Roy and Prolay Sarkar. T presented their marvellous performance in the festival. Young talented students of Nrityabritti batayan presented their exquisite artistic performance before the audience as the concluding ceremony.

 All the featured artists were honoured with a memento of appreciation, which included a handmade pencil sketch of the respective artists. Awards of recognition were awarded to Arun Gorai, Soma Mukherjee and Sudeep Chatterjee for their excellent contribution and workmanship in their respective fields.

In honour of Guru Jiten Singh, an award which was started in 2017, presented to Guru Pallavi Krishnan. ‘Kalamandalam Goutam Ghosal Sarok Samman’ constituted this year in honour of eminent artist Late Kalamandalam Goutam Ghosal, presented to renowned Kathakali exponents,  Ramyani Roy and Praloy Sarkar for their outstanding contribution to Indian Classical dance and music.


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