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The renowned artist Larissa Noury is an Architect-colourist and Artist Painter, now works as Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris.  She also worked as Professor of Colour, Department of Arts, Bordeaux & High School of Arts & Techniques Paris, Guest researcher-colourist, Scandinavian Colour Institute, Stockholm and President-founder of CEC “Colour-Space-Culture” International Association.

Renowned Artist Larissa Noury from Paris writes on 17TH INTERNATIONAL ART SYMPOSIUM: YBBS, AUSTRIA, participated 15 eminent artists from France, Austria, Germany, Jordan, Tunis, Lithuania, Georgia and Ecuador.

“Art is a line around your thoughts” – Gustave Klimt

Austrian art and its representatives – Gustave Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oscar Kokoschka and many others are sources of inspiration for many artists and are admired by the whole world. This tradition continues thanks to the workshop on the Danube – AADD, Atelier an der Donau which offers Austrian and international artists unique working conditions and enriching professional exchange opportunities.


The organizing committee team – GERHARD MALLER, President; ANITA VON HOHENBERG, Vice-president; MARGIT MALLER, EVA NESWADBA-PILLER, INGE REICHHARD, Günter REICHHARD, MARIA PUNZ, WALTER PUNZ, GERRY RAMEIS, TOBIAS THALER carefully prepares conferences and exhibitions with International artists since 2006.

The workshop on the Danube offers a platform for experimental contemporary art

This was inspired by the great artist of this region: Oskar Kokoschka, painter and graphic designer of Viennese expressionism and modernism, who lived and worked in Austria and traveled to other countries of the world and fought for the understanding of contemporary art in society. The workshop on the Danube offers a platform for experimental contemporary art.

This year for the 17th edition 2023, 15 international artists, representing France, Austria, Germany, Jordan, Tunis, Lithuania, Georgia, and Ecuador were chosen exclusively among professional artists by the directors of the project in order to maintain the high artistic level of the symposium at the “Atelier an der Donau”. After 10 days (September 13 – 23, 2023) of hard work in the workshop, visits and professional meetings, this year’s 17th International Art Symposium in Ybbs ended with a grand reception and the opening of the exhibition in the salons of the magnificent Schiffmeisterhaus. During the final event, during the opening, a jury selected Najet Dhahbi’s (Tunis) painting as the winning painting. Local MP Alois Schroll and representatives from the Town Hall of Ybbs were present to convey greetings from the country and the community, to congratulate all the artists.

Thanks were given to President Gerhard Maller, Vice President Princess Anita von Hohenberg and the entire team, who returned Ybbs on the Danube to the center of Lower Austria’s cultural scene and presented the city of ‘Ybbs in the best way possible!

Renowned artists Larissa Noury, France / Belarus, and Andreas Kramer,Germany were selected among the artists to express their opinions on this international event.




“Color is a hope of happiness and happiness is true when it is shared” – said Larissa Noury.

“We are very grateful to the Atelier an der Donau committee for the invitation, for this incredible world of artistic sharing and the favorable conditions for our creations, also allowing us to discover the richness and artistic and architectural heritage of the region. We were able to visit unique and very inspiring places thanks to you: the magnificent Artstetten Castle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artstetten_Castle the Stift Melk monastery, the village Hengstberghütte and Pöchlarn with the Kokoschka museum. This symposium has become the International center for artistic collaboration but also cultural dialogue, which is a crossroads between the expertise of art professionals from different countries and cultures. It will bring a new richness to the colors of our works and will write a new page in the history of Austrian art and culture.”

Several artists have been dazzled and inspired by the beauty of the Danube and its magnificent, ever-changing palette of colors

“Several artists have been dazzled and inspired by the beauty of the Danube and its magnificent, ever-changing palette of colors. I was able to create a large triptych 3x100x120cm, a four-dimensional work. My triptych ‘The Colors of the Danube’ represents my technique of tactile painting, therefore the superimposed layers of materials that come from nature including the sand from the banks of the Danube, creating in space the neo-impressionist image in 3D and the fourth dimension is temporal space: past, present, future.

The first part represents the past with a view of Persenbeug Castle, which symbolizes the history of Lower Austria, the culture, and the architectural heritage of previous centuries. The second part is the ‘Schlögen loop’ the natural wonder of Upper Austria, a meander of the upper Danube valley, which symbolizes the present. In addition, the third part is the blue serpentine of the Danube seen from the sky, representing a still unknown future. They are linked by the nuances of the sky which bring together the lights of sunrise, day and sunset for each different part” – Larissa Noury explained her work to the many visitors to the exhibition.

More than 290 artists from 47 countries have participated in previous symposia. This year for the 17th edition the 15 professional artists who worked together for 10 days in the workshops of Schiffmeisterhaus, located directly in the center of Ybbs and right next to the Danube, created magnificent works to the great joy of the organizers, spectators, guests and residents of the city. Everyone has found new friends and sources of new inspiration here.

“Open your eyes at last and see… now I will open the book of the world for you, there are no words in it, just pictures.”— Oskar Kokoschka

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