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Renowned artist  ALKA BHRUSHUNDI  presents an exquisite art exhibition titled “यात्रिक: THE TRAVELLER at Open Palm, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi  from 9 August 2023  till  15 August 2023 (11 AM to 7 PM)

“Alka Bhrushundi’s paintings beautifully portray the profound concept of the human journey through elevated thoughts, striving to achieve a thought-free state. Her profound understanding of Yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki is vividly reflected in her artistic representation of Divinity and Spirituality,” says the curator of the show.

“Life as we know is a journey that begins from the moment of birth until we cease to exist. It is a journey that every individual, including you and me, must undertake. While our physical human bodies are the same, our life stories and journeys are unique and distinct. This human journey goes beyond the physical realm; it is a mental voyage of constant growth and evolution of our minds and thoughts.

Where there is a mind, there are thoughts, and it is believed that we have thousands of thoughts in a single day, ranging from positive to negative. Our minds continuously traverse through consciousness, sub consciousness, and unconsciousness. Amidst the labyrinth of positive and negative thoughts, our constant struggle is to find a way out. However, when we focus on elevated thoughts, our minds quieten for a fleeting moment, leading us to a happy state. The more uplifted our minds are, the quieter they become. This cycle takes us closer to the Akasha Tattva, an essential element in our physical world, as it helps us attain a state of ‘Nirvichara’ – thoughtlessness. Achieving this feather-like weightlessness of the mind, through elevated thoughts, allows it to soar towards a blank state, a bright light that some equate with Divinity or the Almighty. Ultimately, isn’t a peaceful, thought-free state of mind what we all yearn for?

While everything in our physical world takes tangible forms, our infinite minds remain intangible. Capturing the essence of the mind on a canvas seems almost impossible. Nevertheless, through her artwork, the artist, Alka Bhrushundi, humbly attempts to represent her own mind and its various facets – the waves of thoughts, the cobwebs, the stream of thoughts, the currents, the storms and the whirlpool of thoughts!” – says the curator in a press note released about the artist and her works.

Alka Bhrushundi, a Delhi-based artist, was raised in Pune, a city known for its rich cultural heritage. Her early interest and talent in the arts were nurtured by a spiritual environment and her artwork beautifully depicts the Divine through gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology.

Earlier, she has exhibited ‘Brahmachaitnya: The Cosmos of Consciousness’ and ‘Santulan: The Balance’ focusing on the balance in nature and the connection between body and mind.


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