13 August 2023 /

Y A T R A ‘23

SHUBHAM, a School of Performing Arts, Bengaluru presents various art programmes on 26 August 2023.


DATE: 26 August 2023/14.00 Hrs. onwards

The Inauguration and Felicitation of Guests of Honor will be held followed by ‘Student’s Showcase’, cultural programmes of students of SHUBHAM, Bengaluru. KATHAK by renowned artist Arpita Banerjee and Anurakti, an Indo Srilankan dance production by well-known artists Vithya Arasu and Shamitha Hettige will be presented.  

“Yatra is our annual festival organized since 2015. It showcases the journey of learning of our students. From last year, we have added to the glory of Yatra by inviting young and talented artists of dance and music to come and perform on our stage and inspire the young students. The Guest performance series is called Aaveshika, Yatra,” says the renowned artist and Choreographer Barnalee Sarkar.

“It is a festival in 2 sessions. The first session will be our students showcase, ‘Tarang’. The second session Aaveshika has Arpita bannerjee performing  Kathak  and  Vithya Arasu and Shamitha Hettige, the couple from Srilanka  performing Anurakti.  Donor Passes are available for Aaveshika,” she added.

“Thirteen years since the inception, SHUBHAM still continues to grow with the vision and mission, and has creatively bonded more than 450 students across boundaries,” said the renowned artist and Choreographer Barnalee Sarkar.

SHUBHAM, a School of Performing Arts, Bangalore was founded by the renowned artist and Choreographer Barnalee Sarkar for promoting and preserving our rich heritage in classical dances and music in 2010.


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