Ministry of Home Affairs released new guidelines namely “Unlock 1.0” allowing movement and removing all restrictions in a phased manner. Government eases restrictions in opening malls, religious places but the lockdown shall continue strictly in containment zones in the country.

However it prohibits the opening of bars, gyms, swimming pools, parks, cinema halls metro and international flights.

From June 2 onwards no Red, Orange Zones exists but Containment Zone will continue with strict restrictions to contain the pandemic.

Movement of vehicles allowed without any permits and there will be no restriction of movement within and outside state.

From June 8 onwards malls, restaurants, religious places shall open in all areas except Containment Zones.

Schools and other educational institutions will be opened only after taking decisions in July.

Night curfew will continue from 9.00 pm to 5.00 am for all non essential activities.

Face masks and Social distancing are mandatory and work from home are most preferable during this pandemic period.

The number of people in marriage functions cannot exceed 50 and for funerals and last rites the number limits at 20.

Spitting in public places and any kind of lockdown violations would be punishable under Disaster Management Act, 2005.

State government can impose more restrictions in Containment Zones and in buffer zones outside the containment areas. Within Containment zones strict perimeter control shall be allowed and only essential activities allowed.

Ministry of Home Affairs issued the guidelines under Disaster Management Act, 2005, with effect from June 1 till June 30.

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