The political crisis in Lebanon is well portrayed by the UN Chief Anatonio Guterres during his recent visit in Lebanon .

“Having heard and seen for himself the suffering of Lebanon’s people”, the UN Chief told the political leaders that they “do not have the right to be divided”, leaving the nation paralysed, amidst multiple crises, said the UN News-Global perspective Human stories on 21 December 2021.

Speaking at a press conference, he said:

“Civil society, women and young people have a critical role to play.  Free and fair parliamentary elections, held on time in 2022, will be an essential opportunity for the people to make their voices heard”.

The Secretary General visited north and south regions of Lebanon and he was deeply moved to see the first hand testimony of the multi-faceted crisis affecting the nation.

During his visit, the UN Chief interacted with the military and civilian peacekeepers and their effort and challenges they face in the crisis.

Keeping solidarity with the people of Lebanon, the UN Secretary General stressed that UN has no political agenda in Lebanon.

“Our agenda is to support the Lebanese people. Civil Society, women and young people have a critical role to play.  Their voices must be heard and their proposals seriously considered.”

Earlier, UN Chief urged all politicians to work in unity to solve the crisis.

The spiralling crisis in Lebanon is causing abuse and violence against children as per the UN Report.

“One in two children in Lebanon is at serious risk of physical, emotional, sexual violence as families struggle to cope with the country’s deepening crisis,” the UN Children’s Fund reports.

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