TRUTH REMAINS – A Group Exhibition

29 APRIL 2022 /

PRITHVI FINE ART AND CULTURAL CENTRE  in conjunction with INDIA ART FAIR 2022 presents  TRUTH REMAINS – A Group Exhibition /

 30 APRIL 2022 – 15 MAY 2022 ( 6.30 PM – 9.00 PM) /




“Always go too far, because that’s where you’ll find the truth – Albert Camus

It is a lonely path where one walks in silence and keeps going till one merges one’s existence with silence and then what still remains is truth. Fellow travellers sometimes cross each other’s path and walk together for a while, and then move on in their own search for the truth,” says Sangeeta Gupta, veteran artist, poet, writer, film maker and the Curator.

“I would sum up this journey with my poem,” says Sangeeta Gupta, the Curator of the Show.

I am in search of my soul tribe

with compatible frequency

Where are you, my tribe

we each have only one page

from the book of truth

all along we thought

the page in our possession

is the full truth

now we know it is not so

we must find connectivity

with in ourselves

and in one another

collective consciousness

needs awakening now

Where are you, my tribe

I am waiting for your response

tuned in, on the right frequency.  

Prithvi Fine Art & Cultural Centre has been organising art camps, artists exchange programmes with other countries under the leadership of renowned artist Sangeeta Gupta and now her paintings are in the permanent collection of many museums in India and abroad including Museum of Sacred Art Belgium and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece.

Sangeeta Gupta has 35 solo exhibitions of paintings, 25 published books and 20 documentary films to her credit so far. She lives and works in Delhi.

Prakash Bal Joshi is a multifaceted personality with four decades in the field of creative writing and visual art. His work is spontaneous and brush strokes are full of energy bringing the picture alive. He held several solo and group shows of his paintings – oil on canvas in India and abroad.  He is an artist of international acclaim and a prolific writer.

He has been participating in the India Art Festival since its inception in 2011 in Mumbai and Delhi.

The eminent artist Shikha Sinha has conducted exhibitions globally and displayed paintings in Indonesia, Italy and more.  She participated in the Indian Art Exhibition at Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta.

Shikha Sinha tries to stimulate our emotions, beliefs and culture through her abstract art.  In her painting she largely adopts symbols of Vaibhav Laxmi, the powerful goddess of wealth.

Brajesh Verman started his career as a professional artist in the year 1993. He was the recipient of the National Award in 1995 and  conducted many shows in India and abroad including at Nehru Centre, London and ‘India Festivals’ in Sweden.

The eminent artist Suhani Jain has participated in many exhibitions in India and abroad including Singapore and Turkey. She has received a fellowship from the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

The India Art Fair (IAF), the biggest art event showcases  Indian and South Asian art live performances by artists,  artworks of contemporary and others as in Biennale and it is mostly focused on cultural exchange and discussions on art and culture.

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