TRAN-SITION – a visual story



TRAN-SITION – a visual story /


2020 is a changing theme for every individuals and the whole world.  It has become a transcendental transition of an individual narration of an unexpected experience of all living creatures. We face extraordinary parameters of natural and unnatural complexities in day-to-day life. In these circumstances, I am looking to the deepest within me as an Artist and a social democrat.

My works are the interpretations of the present and past situations of the surrounding society and the world. Sometimes {at times} you can see the community of women are thriving into a collective mode by surpassing their inner voice to come out of their comfortability {comfort zones}; on the other hand, you will see the women working for their daily needs in challenging conditions in high-ranges; a deserted land and a remains of a cultural heritage is showing an exodus of human inhabitants of past and the present scenario; a multi hue atmosphere taken the voices of the coloured and the suppressed. These earthy elements are the voiceless in our society, that can be vulnerable for the marginalized society.

I would create through my pallet a voice for the voiceless, support for the ignorant, and a voice against racism. And ensure my support through my colours, lines … and be with them.


‘’ I endeavour to embody in my work the ineffable in colours. The colours are given freedom to flow, move, and dialogue with each other, share inaudibly and even invisibly the mystery of their being. They carry no thematic burden nor are pushed into the straight –jacket of meanings. They are themselves – in purity, in intense and furious purity’’.



Binoy Varghese is an artist, now working as a founder Director of Kekkeyellam Foundation, working on various art projects and social activities in India and abroad.

 He has won many awards and scholarships including National award, National Academy of Arts, New Delhi. 

He has conducted many camps and exhibitions in India and abroad. 

Nupur Kundu is an artist specialised in Fine Arts from the College of Arts, New Delhi and has been exhibiting her abstract works at national and international level for more than two decades.

She has also achieved Sangeet Bhaskar in Indian Classical Dance (Kathak) from Chandigarh University and has performed on stage for eighteen years.

Nupur Kundu has worked closely with special children by conducting many workshops.

She has won many awards and received the Junior Fellowship, Ministry Of Culture, Government of India during 2011 – 2013.

The Artist works and lives in New Delhi now.


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