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Photography Exhibition – Meeting Point by Hasnain Soomar is on show at Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi from 10 December 2021 to 10 February 2022.

“My images usually have a human caught in action.  Something honest with no room for masked or superficial freezing moments of life. I like to include dramatic skies, birds or just anything that looks interesting at that moment,” says Hasnain Soomar, the photographer who lives in Delhi now.

Hasnain Soomar teaches photography especially children with special needs, children from lower income households of Mumbai.

He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and has worked on feature films and fashion photography.

Meeting Point expresses my spiritual explorations and learnings over the years.
Photographed during and before the pandemic, this  series of photographs is evocative of the times we have been living in. Sometimes, they become symbols of the inevitable change we are meant to go through, when we are done with it all… ”. 

“Meeting Point is a delineation of the world around and within us. While it conveys moments, experiences and emotions, it also takes you to a place that is beyond definitions, limits and stories. It is the point that urges you to get lost to find yourself all over again. It takes you back to the origin of the journey and reminds you to rebirth with the same gusto, to pray, to laugh and to find salvation and samadhi in everyday life. It portrays the discovery of one’ own true nature in truly immersive activities… leaving thought and it’s wayward constructs on the back burner; paving the way to move on and ahead without a care!”.

“My inspiration is in simply walking in historical places, crowded streets, open spaces and being open to the possibility of finding a photograph anywhere,” the artist reveals his interests while displaying some of the photographs at the Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi.

The photographs taken during the recent pandemic portrays solitude, duality, converging memories and many facets of human life.

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