Solo Exhibition by SHIKHA SINHA

1 DECEMBER 2021 /


Solo Exhibition by SHIKHA SINHA /


1st – 30th DECEMBER 2021 / 11.00 AM – 7.00 PM /

Shikha Sinha, an internationally renowned artist, is making waves with her solo show – ‘Pierced by The Light of the Stars’ at Gallery 1000A, New Delhi.

The month –long exhibition marks her talent and inspires all.

“My art work illustrates the entire aspect of human life as viewed through microlens.  I believe that everything in this world is abstract – formless – and what we see is limited by the resources we have – our eyes, our physical being – which interpret (and thus, limit) the world via form.  Whatever our internal and external organs feel, we feel .. whatever our eyes see, we see .. but our perception is limited by our physical being. To see beyond this point requires a depth of knowledge that is beyond the physical. Therefore, the knowledge of human beings is so limited that it cannot perceive the world in a way that an enlightened human being can. Thus, in the absence of true knowledge, our resources are limited and we can only see the world in an abstract form, which an enlightened being sees easily. Thus, I do not use realistic form in my paintings.

As the sky has no shape, the birds that fly in the sky leave no marks of their passage.  However, I do not intend for my work to force others to think about these things. I do not believe in compulsion because – in time – every compulsion becomes a restriction and human beings get trapped in between. In the same way, I have tried not to place any compulsions upon myself or my work. Whatever language or medium I need to express myself, I use. Whatever medium comes naturally, I embrace,” says the renowned artist, Shikha Sinha.

Shikha Sinha, who has conducted many exhibitions, is trying to stimulate our emotions, beliefs and culture through her abstract art.

She was fascinated by the rich tradition and culture of ‘Ganga Mata’ and the resonating Ghats where she witnessed Chaat puja and ‘Chhathimaiya’ all these years from her childhood.

In her painting she largely adopts symbols of Vaibhav Laxmi, the powerful goddess of wealth.

“In fact it is the feminine spirit of light that brings us the greatest wealth,” the artist elaborates on her devotion and passion.

Till date, she has held many exhibitions globally and displayed paintings in Indonesia, Italy and more.

She participated in the Indian Art Exhibition at Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta.

She studied BFA in painting from the College of Art and Craft, Patna and was awarded Junior Fellowship by the Ministry of Human Resources Development and Senior Fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

She has also participated with her group in the International Film Festival, New Delhi and in the international exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

Her monumental painting ‘Hold on Buddha Enlightened’ was exhibited in the first international Kala Mela organised by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

Shikha Sinha has conducted live performances that mesmerises the audience with aesthetics of her talent and inspirations.

Shikha Sinha has acquired a major presence in the Indian and International art scene over the last decade, conducting several successful shows with regional and international galleries and museums.

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