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 “I explored India and other countries across the world.  I drew inspiration from their forms, colours and symbols in order to deepen my knowledge. My art reflects a life philosophy of taking things as they come, communicating the emotions through symbols and geometric forms. I use vibrant colours in mirrors with a deep passion for art and the sun-drenched landscapes of India,” explains renowned artist K. Balasubramanian who is celebrated in contemporary Indian art for his unique creations.

“Art is a precursor of society, right from the creation of the universe. Art has been the medium of communication across boundaries for centuries.  All forms of art reflecting love and empathy have been ruling the earth without major obstacles for centuries,” explains the renowned artist K. Balasubramanian. 

 “An artist is an instrument between art and his community, national and international. It could be any medium like pen, canvas, notepad or lens but the message is universal.  To convey Love and be Humane. Artists are at times controversial or complicated.  This is purely to open up a dialogue amongst the community at large. To aim to build bridges across different faiths, regions or countries addressing the common man as well as intellects. This is more of sharing and to evaluate one’s goals. Confluence of knowledge thus leads to a classic novel or may be a master in Art,” he added.


Renowned artist K. Balasubramanian  has participated in many exhibitions in India and abroad including Group Show of 20 Indian artists in Paris, Galerie Selective Art, Paris 2012; Group Show with Nehprii Amenii (USA) at Studio Palazzo, Chennai in 2010; Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2008; Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai in 2008; The Enduring images Group Show at Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai in 2007 & 2008; Indian Pallet by Contemporary Painters, Charleroi, Belgium 1998; National Exhibition of Art New Delhi in 1984 & 1985; All India Christian Art Exhibition, Bombay in 1983, 1984 & 1985; Nuances Group Show at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore in 1982 & 1983 and Nuances Group Show at Alliance Franchise, Chennai in 1981, 1982 & 1984.

New Media Workshop Organised by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi at Ahmedabad in 2010 and 13th to 16th September Non-Toxic & Safe Etching Processes workshop conducted by Ms.Chayo de Chevez, (American Print Marker) at Lalit Kala Academy, Regional Centre, Chennai in 2005.


Yali Foundation Honor for Excellence, Chennai (2000); State Lalit Kala Academy Award (1998) & International Airport Authority of India, Gold Medal, Thanjavur (1998)

Artist K. Balasubramanian obtained his post-diploma in painting from the College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai in 1984.  He lives and works in Chennai now.

“Taking life as a great big canvas, I attempt to throw all the paint on it, which gives my own autobiography. The concept of Shakti, celebrating life through the unition of Purusha and Prakriti is evidenced in my compositions with downward and upward pointing triangles. Metaphorically, the union of the Atman with the Paramatman is articulated through the upward pointing triangle with the circle of eternity is the celebration of which is symbolically represented through the blossoms of flowers that fill the entire composition,” says eminent Artist K. Balasubramanian.


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