20 MARCH 2022


A visual presentation of famous artists of Kerala




Date:   25 March 2022 – 30 March 2022

Time: 10 a.m   –   7 p.m   


Aruna Alancheri/ /Anirudh Raman/ Gireesh GV/ Hareesh PG/ Manoj Viswambharan/ Rajesh TR/ Sanu Ramakrishnan/ Shibu chand/ Sreedharan TP/ Swathi jaikumar

The term NEXT … is an indication of a lot of potential possibilities. 

The present world, especially the art world, seems to be in a period of some kind of crisis.  Artists who have lived in the midst of lockdown, starvation, suffering and  the state of terror are wondering what’s NEXT… 

 As life and experience in times of distress seek to shed light on new artistic endeavors, the threat of war and social insecurity that shatters all expectations makes wonder what is NEXT.

The exhibition can also be seen as a visual representation of such concerns and expectations.  

NEXT.., on the other hand, is the question of the marginalized when art is alienated and monopolized by state supported capitalist pampering …

 Kerala still has a social status in which the visual artist is treated only as a supporter of the literary arts.

 Visual art also exists in a miserable situation where it is considered only by its decorative beauty and aesthetic qualities. 

While the art community, Philosophically analyzes the social relevance and intellect of the visual arts, the general public finds it as a pitiful sight to be fascinated by its mere beauty..

 In such a social environment, 10 Practising Artists from various parts of Kerala are preparing for an art exhibition called NEXT …  

 It may not be an alternative, but it could be.

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