NEEWIN HERSHALL / FACADE: Two parallel lives

NEEWIN HERSHALL / FACADE: Two parallel lives /

 “The light on myself, the suspension of time as I move, the applause or criticism after – for all the world to witness.    I am likened to Shiva on-stage. But how much of that matters off-stage? Who am I really when the lights are gone?” 

The dancer, choreographer, yoga instructor, teacher, lighting designer, photographer – Neewin Hershall, who has achieved great recognition at national and international levels keeps busy with his creative ventures. 

Neewin Hershall had been associated with many cultural organisations such as Arangam India, Spanda India,  Rangoli Foundation USA of Malathi Iyengar, Cleveland Culture Alliance, Col Brand UK and Bharata Kalanjali of the Dhananjayans.
His teaching career started at Nrityagram Bangalore, Kalakshetra and Delhi Public School, Bangalore, and is currently a dance and yoga instructor at Nrityalaya Aesthetics Society; and resident choreographer and performer at Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Singapore. 

Neewin Hershall, a graduate from Kalakshetra who is currently in Singapore shares more on some of his key works:

“Each project carries their own challenges. ” I CARRY YOUR HEART ” (a site-specific work with renowned artist Nirmala Seshadri in 2015) was an expression through Bharatanatyam and Japanese dance theatre form Butoh. Butoh was new to me and it demanded more than physical and emotional connection. It was mentally challenging to respond to the stone sculptures and execute the feelings and emotions to the audience.’’ 

‘Rudram’ where the harmony, bliss and the magic of strength through which he transcends the spirit of Shiva – the God of destroyer of evil, destruction, lord of meditation, dance, great among the Devas, the Supreme being, was portrayed on the stage.

‘ Facade ’  interweaves dance and music along with cinematography and theatre which is the latest contemporary work of Neewin. 

FACADE has completed a successful world premiere in Chennai, in February 2017 and debut in Singapore in May 2017. The vibrant performance on stage at Chennai Chandralekha’s “Spaces” and Singapore Goodman Arts Centre sponsored by Bhaskar’s Arts Academy explored yet another untold story of a dancer’s life. 

‘’FACADE explains the concept of how a dancer leads two parallel lives. One professional and one personal. I read a poem called the Tears of a Clown which made me realise as a dancer, as a human being we all are like clowns. Why am I saying this because as soon as I finish my performance, people come to me and say, “Oh!  Neewin, your performance is so moving, and you are the real Shiva, your dance is so divine”; but in reality, I am not.’’ 

 Neewin is looking forward to staging his FACADE in Bangalore once the pandemic relents.

While the pandemic is playing havoc with our lives, Neewin is ideating and spending his creative energies on his next work “Kaathirippu” or Waiting [for the beloved or is it for the pandemic to go away?]

We will have to wait for the details.

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