6 JUNE 2022 /


The Inimitable Art of ASHOK BHOWMICK  /

DHOOMIMAL GALLERY in collaboration with GALLERIE SPLASH present Solo Art Show by ASHOK BHOWMICK  /


DATE / 10 JUNE – 9 JULY 2022 / 11 AM – 7PM/

“My paintings are the result of my intention and efforts to liberate it from such references since I want my painting to be ‘felt’ and not to be ‘understood’. I wish my paintings would talk to the viewer as an intimate friend and not as a philosopher in the guise of a painter.  I have always tried to present my paintings as simple and uncomplicated expressions of myself.  No matter how strenuous it is to produce something that should look simple, I happily continue to do it with my expression and technique,” says the eminent artist, Ashok Bhowmick.

Ashok Bhowmic is an artist of international acclaim and is also known as ‘Master of Cross-hatching’. 

“Also through my paintings neither do I wish to prove my unique presence in the society as a painter, nor do I wish to bewilder, shock or belittle my viewer.

I love my critiques and admirers the way I love my paintings, as they give me the reason for my existence as an Artist,”  he shared his five decades of aesthetic journey as an artist exhibiting enumerable shows in India and abroad.

His works are contemporary in nature and the most significant works, ‘The Coal Mine Series’, ‘The Warli Series’, ‘The Jai Ho Series’ and ‘The Bull Series’ portrays human emotions and compassions.

“I live and paint with humble ideas of mine and when it comes to tell a story I do write occasionally, too !   My  commitments for changing a few unpleasantries around have taught me the limitations of art.  I’m confident of my ways to bring change for good by painting and other aesthetic ways,” the eminent artist Ashok Bhowmic said.

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