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IDMAA, International Digital Media and Art Association conduct Exhibition and Workshop along with their annual Conference at Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota from 24 -26 June 2022.

The Exhibition and Workshop will be focused on the theme “Weird Media”, in which all hybrid forms of inter-media digital arts will be shown.

The Conference will feature a keynote address by Stephanie Boluk and Patrick LeMieux, authors of Metagaming: Playing, Competing, Spectating, Cheating, Trading, Making, and Breaking Videogames.

Many artists and scholars including Margaret Dolinsky, Jennifer Gradecki, Amay Kataria, Talan Memmott, Stephanie Tripp, Giovanna Sun, Merit Thursday, Paul Echeverria, Yamin Xu, Betsy Pike, Josie Cutara, Patrick Lichty, Kristen Lillvis, David Wright, Daniel Lichtman, Rob Wittig, and Chris Blair  will be participating in the event.

The Exhibition is curated by Patrick Lichty and juried by celebrated Iranian illustrator and artist Negin Ehtesabian, Wade Wallerstein (co-curator Transfer Gallery and Gray Area), digital pioneer Cynthia Beth Rubin, Roger Boulay (Gallery Director, WSU) and Brandon Gellis (Co-Director: Center for Design Thinking, University of Wyoming).

Experimental works of more than 80 digital artists from around the world will be presented in this prestigious show.

Artists include A. P. Vague, Alan Sondheim, Alessandro Amaducci, Alex McKenzie and Dana Potter, Alien AI, Amay Kataria, Andre Perim, Andrey Rylov, Nastya Yatskhey, Alisa Ustinova, Asra Qarakhani, Aya Shabbar, Brian Skalak, Caitlin Fisher, Carrie Fonder, Carter Hodgkin, Citron Lunardi, Colin Goldberg, David Thomas Henry Wright (with Chris Arnold), Davide Porta, Derek Curry & Jennifer Gradecki, Diane Marsella, Dominick Rivers, Ellen Jantzen, Ershad Fatahian, Eva Davidova, F. C. Zuke, Farnoush Daroudgar, Frederick Maheux, Ghazaleh Seidabadi, Giovanna Sun, Gregory Little, Heejoo Kim, Isabella Uliasz, Izabella Retkowska , Jack Bordnick, Jaka Zeleznikar, Jason Ramey, Jesse Farber, John C.S. Keston, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Joseph DeLappe, Justin Lincoln, Karl Erickson, Kat Mustatea, Kate Hollenbach, Kayoko Nakamura, Keif Oss, Liz Wierzbicki, Malavika Mandal Andrew, Margaret Dolinsky, Marjan Andaroodi, Merit Thursday, Mez Breeze, Michael Jantzen, Michael Marks, Mina Cheon, Nina Sumarac Jablonsky, Patrick LeMieux, Pavel Checkulaev, PlantBot Genetics Inc (aka Wendy DesChene + Jeff Schmuki), Ray LC, Renata Janiszewska, Robert B. Lisek, Ryan Lewis, S4RA, Scott Kildall, Stephanie Tripp, Sue Beyer, Taehee Kim, Talan Memmott, Tommy Mintz, Victor Acevedo, Vincent DeZutti, Vladimir Kalnitsky, Will Luers, Yamin Xu, Yvette Granata, and Zen Cohen.

In this Show, the renowned digital artist and Techspressionist Colin Goldberg explores ‘the relationship between technology and personal expression’ through his ‘Volumetric Gesture, Mixed Media on Wood’.

Colin Goldberg used the word ‘Techspressionism’ in contrast to the traditional terms like ‘digital art’ and ‘new medium art’ and practices multiple disciplines including painting, printmaking, digital media and social sculpture.

“One of the ideas expressed here, is about how when you are meditating, trying to tune into a blissful state, other (perhaps distracting or dissonant) energies will momentarily emerge in the mantric field. If you relax, the bliss or relaxation will return. There is an edgy modernity in the animation and in the sonic environment, in that the drone work is via machine generated harmonic noise,” renowned artist Victor Acevedo who is best known for his digital print and video works  keeps a note on his ‘Anonymous Ambience –SM Remix 2022 (1:15).

 “You The Living- by Aya Shabbar is an intersection of real enthusiastic art and computer algorithms, interpreting and studying aspects of human views and life. The project, therefore articulates the totality of existence, focusing heavily on the board themes of life and death”, illustrates the artist, who holds a B.S in Mechatronics Engineering and is currently working for her Master’s degree.

Malavika Mandal Andrew, artist from Mumbai, India who received her BFA and MFA from Visva Bharati University (Shantiniketan)  exhibits her mixed-media digital art – Elements of Life. She believes that all movement of life through different ups and downs, smooth and sharp taking all our conscious and subconscious thoughts together gets transformed in her work through layers.

 “When blended and twisted the layers of these captured images with the help of techniques, it gave a different twist to the thought process and made life connected to the vastness and unknown fantasy”.

Michael Jantzen, the well- known experimental artist, designer and visionary working for over a half a decade, exhibits his ‘ Invasion of the Spirit Fish’ in the Show. He has been featured in various art mediums and prestigious galleries all over the world and his “work merges art, design, technology and sustainable design into one unique experience”.

Mina Cheon is a Korean new media artist, scholar and educator. She exhibits her “Missiles Goodbye”, a painting series, a portrait of the artist standing in front a North Korean ICBM missile launch and it is dipped in custom IKB blue paint, the color that symbolizes modern abstraction, spiritualism, as per the details given in the IDMAA web site.

The multimedia artist Isabella Uliasz exhibits “Video Landscape” by using text prompts and various AI image generators based on the artist’s own experience with a laryngeal cancer diagnosis  and the medical interventions that followed.

She studies optical and photic phenomena and employs the mechanics in her installations, video compositions, performances and image based byproducts.  

In Soft Echoes (Video), Gregory Little, the renowned new media artist, teacher, researcher and writer, uses augmented and virtual reality, lasers, hand-ground paint, collage and 3d animation. He has been combining traditional techniques of image-making with new digital technologies for over 40 years, as reported in the iDMMa WEIRD MEDIA. 

IDMAA, The International Digital Media and Arts Association was founded for serving educators, practitioners, scholars and organisations with interests in digital media. This is a non-profit association for promoting the development, application and understanding of digital media and arts throughout the world.

Images & content credit: IDMMA / Colin Goldberg / Victor Acevedo/ Aya Shabbar / Malavika Mandal Andrew / Michael Jantzen / Mina Cheon / Isabella Uliasz / Gregory Little

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