We are raising a generation for whom the culture, religion and land they belong to has lost its importance or has no values. The future generation can rightly be called as world citizens, and how will this change our being cannot be foretold.

A quick look into our past decades might reveal that these changes are forced up on the current and future generations by a series of force migrations and exodus….. An Exodus or forced migration or displacements, from the land that you have known for all your life for your very existence, entails a tail of painful stories and miseries. There is a need to wake-up from the reverie of false security to the pain and suffering of people who got entwined in such Exodus which quashed. Humanity repeatedly and left it to bleed an amaranthine-colour of blood. Human beings are not new to migration, we started travelling for better pastures even before we were fully evolved to be called “Humans”. Initially the travelling was to get to better pastures or for better climatic condition later it was for man made reasons like invasion to satisfy the bottomless tummy of lust and hunger for power . All such catastrophes had only one thing in common, they leave behind stories of in-humanity forced upon every dead and living thing in its path. The Travelogue of Moses to free the Israelites from slavery forms one of the oldest recorded mass migration. The Turkish invasion of Armenian land started as early as the 10th century under the Ottoman Empire and we can still see the traces and repercussions of human greed, which the diaspora of Christian community in Armenia had to go through. A large population had been forced to find refuge in neighboring  countries.  In the more recent times the civil war in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq has resulted in similar agony for humanity at large,  at one point of time it looked like we were at the verge of third world war and which would have marked an end to human civilization. We have heard about the refugee crisis in European and the Middle east. For once the entire humanity has cried for the three year old “Aylan Kurdi ” when the image of his body washed up on Turkish beach was published by media across the world. 

There is another world population which co-exist in oblivion to the cacophony of the travelogue of hate and fear mongering. They move, merge and mingle and become part of the aborigines, they are paying way to the new generation to come. They travel across the globe for knowledge , money and pleasure. With the advent of this new generation the intricate fabric of various cultures is also getting tarred and recreated due to the rampant cultural mixing. 

All this cultural dispersion is a harbinger to the new world order which is partially visible as a silhouette of the brewing conflagration of discrimination and rampant atrocities in the name of cast, religion and culture; the future as it appears from where we are now will be the world with no boundaries and borders. 

This art galore will be a tribute to the pain that humanity has endured and survived our past a couple of decades.

 The art work presented will try to bring forward the agony and misfortune of the unsatisfied and dilapidated life’s of the people from the destroyed lands who endorse no religion and don’t relate themselves to any culture, this will be a tribute to the new world citizens. 

In the reason for the application and why I choose here is the historicity of Korean land, the new age and the old,  I  would like to stay,  live, and work this history smelling land, for creating connecting/constructing a new vocabulary through seeing/understanding the new found land for my visual narratives and process of a new body of  works.


 ( Binoy Varghese is an artist, now working as a founder Director of Kekkeyellam Foundation,  doing  various art projects and social activities in India and  curated  an  international ‘’Mansoon Art Residency’’ in Kerala with 16 artists.

 Also curated ‘’GREEN LINE’’, a fund raising exhibition for Kerala Flood victims with 118 Indian contemporary Artists at New Delhi. He has won many awards and scholarships including National award, National Academy of Arts, New Delhi.  He has conducted many camps and exhibitions in India and abroad. )

Some of the Residency Programmes attended

2007 Aicon Gallery New York, USA

2000 Banff Centre for Arts, Alberta, Canada

1998 Apparao Galleries, New Delhi

1997 Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad

1994 – 1998 Cholamandal Arts Village, Chennai

1993 Madhavan Nair Foundation, India


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