8 August 2023

Creativity on Friends & Friendship Day organised by Kreative Minds, Bengaluru.

‘Creativity on Friends & Friendship Day’ was organized by Kreative Minds, a platform for art, music, craft and design at Bengaluru.

“Every year, festivals and various occasions are celebrated across the globe. India being a country of festivals and celebrations, there is no festival uncelebrated. This year in Kreative Minds, we have decided to celebrate FRIENDSHIP DAY. The idea and concept was born in the minds of the students of our Art and Culture School. So we decided to go ahead,” said Amritha Tiwary, founder of the Kreative Minds, Bengaluru.


Create an artwork that speaks about one’s friend and friendship. 


Students created amazing artworks that gives an understanding of their friends and  friendships all about within 45 to 60 minutes. 

“Art is the language of communication and here art/visual presentations actually spoke more than words. In Kreative Minds, we are trying to see how the learners are adapting and understanding art in their life,” Amritha Tiwary added.

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