5 April 2023


COLLABORATIVE ART SPACE has conducted a unique Art Project – Collaborative Community Art Project that are most environment-friendly art pieces, created out of at least 50 per cent waste materials to foster artistic growth and creativity among young talented artists from India and abroad.

Many artists have shown active interest to collaborate with each other and participated in this innovative Art Project




Computerized Man – ArrowBot/4.5 ft x 3.3 ft

Material used: Old Monitor, mouse, keyboards, wires, CPU’s, waste materials, UPS, iron rod, waste metal sheet, springs, waste plastic, etc.

By Aditya Nandan, Kushal Agarwal, Navansh Mankar, Shourya Singh & Swarit Varshney – The Scindia School, Fort Gwalior

Meraki / breath: 41cm & length: 159cm

Material used: Newspaper, glue, cardboard, nail, waste decor, plywood, pipes, wire, base ball, glass, plastic, cards and cloth

By Aahika Jain, Aishani Mittal, Davi Kejriwal, Suditi Mehta & Tamanna Jain – Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer

Metanoia / 5’6 feet

Material used: Waste Wood, cardboard, empty oil tins, newspaper, empty juice boxes, m seal, fevicol, macrame threads, discarded mannequin, metal roads, paint, discarded artificial flowers, flower pot

By Adaa Chowdhury, Anandi Gupta, Nishikaa Vaid, Pukhraj & Khiwama Rai – Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer

Nature Commode / 4 ft X 4ft

Material used: waste cardboard, crafting wire, paper mache and glue, newspaper and scraps potted plant

ByAniket Mishra, Ankana Ghosh Dastidar, Arshita Sanghi, Debsingha Sarkar, Dhiman Narayan, Indira Biswas, Rajnandini Dey, Sia Agarwal & Shreyan Banerjee – Calcutta International School, Kolkata

Packaged to Survival / 4 ft x 4 ft

Material used: Plastic bottles, plastic packets, craps of cardboard, bottle caps, glass pieces, saw dust, CDs, twine

By Aahana Srimani, Ina Bharadwaj, Karishma Chotrani, Saira Dua & Vashita Rungta – Modern High School International, Kolkata

Sapma / 4 ft

Material used: Waste plastic, broken wooden tables and chairs pieces, cloth scrap, rusted metal, broken tiles, torn up memory foam, newspaper, reused old and torn macrame strings, metal rods, metal wire, glue, paint’s, epoxy compound, pearls & nails

ByAnika Singh Thakur, Mokshini Jasol, Poornima Chauhan, Saachi Vijn & Usha Bansal – Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer

Shades Of Grey / 4.5 ft X 4 ft

By Aastha Ganesh, Anushka Anand, Harshittha V, Mahima Dash, Tavishi Mukherjee – NIFT, Bangalore


Material used: Bottle caps, coconut leaves & cloths.

By Ananya Parikh, Darshil Surana, Gayatri Parmar, Naisha Khaund,Shrinithi Suresh, Swarali Kamat & Svanik Kartha – JBCN international school, Borivali

The City / 3.5 feet x 3.3 feet

Material used: Recyclable plastic, cardboard, mechanical waste,  paints & glue

By Aroni Das, Granthana, Parth Mehta, Rudra Mazumder, Shriyadita Sengupta, Siya Kabra & Vrishabh Venkatesh – Calcutta International School, Kolkata

Tree Of Life / 5 feet diameter

Material used: Plastic bags, throwaway storage boxes, flexible PVC pipes, wires, plastic wrappers & baking paper

By Krishna Bauer, Samjith Lakshman, R.Mukundam, S.B.Dheya, M. Tanga Tharagai & S. Yahlini – Bhavan’s Gandhi Vidyashram, Kodaikanal

Whale Cave / Height- 4 ft (120cm)/ width- 3.4ft (105cm)/ length- 6.7 ft (205cm)

Material used: Scrap wire, Old bedsheets and fabrics, Scrap threads, An old mattress, Sponge, Thermocol, Used mounting sheets, Waste pipe, Wooden plank, Thread

By Annvi Mittal, Kaashvi Choukhany, Kritvee Modi, Mehar Sanghera & Siddhangana Kumari – Mayo College Girls’ School, Ajmer.

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