8 March 2023


The international exhibition – SPRINGTIME FOR WOMEN, A TIME FOR THEM

The renowned artist Larissa Noury, an Architect-colourist who works as Professor of Colour ITECOM Art & Design, Paris writes on International Women’s Day celebrations at the MAISON DU MAROC FOUNDATION, Paris.

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. It is a day to acknowledge the achievements and struggles of women worldwide and call for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Throughout history, women have used art to express their experiences and advocate for their rights. Today art remains a vital tool for women to express themselves.

As part of the celebration of its 70th anniversary and on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the MAISON DU MAROC FOUNDATION invited the amateurs of art to the opening of the collective exhibition of 6 women painters and visual artists under the theme: “Springtime for women, a time for them”. The Opening of the exhibition took place on Wednesday March 8, 2023 – 6:30 p.m. The 6 female visual artists: Halima Hammal, Hiba Khamlichi, Olfa Chabhcoub, Larissa Noury, Nora Hattab, Salma Boumajane presented  a large palette of different techniques of paintings and calligraphy.

Director of Fondation Mohamed ABOUSSALAH inaugurated the exhibition: he presented all participants to the public and offered beautiful red roses to each woman artist. He congratulated their artistic approach and passion for creativity. He reminded   a famous citation of George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: 

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”

Larissa Noury has presented a new collection on the theme of spring renaissance, some photos of her performances in different places and the City of Morocco, by famous photographs Mohammed Taghzout et Bouayad Imounachen  and painted dress “Eternel spring”.

Color is a hope for happiness. I created a universe where the tactile colours build both a universal and personal imaginary space. They overlap and interact in order to evoke the feeling of wavering and well-being.

My painting is tactile painting; I invite people to touch it, to discover the world that is greater than our visual world. This tactile colour is between Science and Art. Science of psychology of perception (as visual as tactile) and Art of New impressionism.

What is important for me is to create and transmit energy. It is not only a visual image, it is more than that, because the very important point is to capture the positive energy that comes from natural light and materials, which come from Nature, from the Universe and try to transfer and keep it on painting compositions.

We could call a style a New Impressionism, because with overlapping layers I create an image that is constructed in our imaginary world by playing off the color materials and pigments. The difference is just that the Impressionists and the pointillists created the image with points, strikes or dots – I create it by overlapping layers as an architect.

The color compositions are stronger when they create the diptychs, the triptychs, 4 or even 16 panel elements because they can tell a story: there is always the beginning, the subject itself and it is never the end, it is rather the beginning of another story. So this story continues in the infinity of the Universe…

In fact, it is not a classic creation; it is not a classic color in painting. It is an invitation, an invitation to the land of your dreams; it is a dream of Harmony. What I wish you could discover is your world, which is much richer, much more important than the visual world. We have this whole universe of energy to discover, painted melodies, “living pictures” as in these magnificent compositions of tactile paintings. Tactile painting invites us to touch and discover its color energies. … Art is for me a moment of exteriorization. I always remember this quotation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

“You can only see things clearly with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The international exhibition “Springtime for women, a time for them” will run until March 15.

Many cultural activities such as a concerts and conferences will take place in this period to celebrate International Women’s day.

First marked over a century ago in 1911 and designed to honor and promote the economic, social, cultural and political achievements of women, International Women’s Day has become a focal point for the women’s rights movement across the world and also  an occasion to show the large palette of women’s talents

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