23 December 2022

ASRAMA – A retrospective solo exhibition celebrating 50 years of collage by renowned artist G SUBRAMANIAN.

ASRAMA, a unique collection of  exciting new works that depicts a departure from his own style, tone and theme and also that represent his journey on four stages of ‘asrmas’ in his life as brahmacharya ( student), grihastha ( householder), vanaprastha (forest dweller) and sanyasa (renunciate).

The renowned artist G. Subramanian is primarily known for his mixed-media works in which he uses the medium of collage and creates everlasting artworks.

He is very much blissful, free-spirited in creating numerous multi-layered collages of gods and goddesses embodying pureness, simplicity and spirits.

He is famous for his multi-layered collages with abstract backgrounds of complex imagery and has been inspired by the rich traditions of Indian mythology and its divine beauty. He blends mythology with a foreign art form of collage and creates mesmerising creations.  In his works one could hear the eternal music of flute and the transcendental calmness that reflects enchanting bliss and heavenly glow on his creations.

Our mind ceases to be restless, stillness of the mind awakens with full of radiance and ecstasy ultimately leading to experience all-pervading and immortal divine.

Radha Krishna, Ganesha, Lakshmi, ‘Meditating Girl’, ‘Girls in Festive Mood’ and ‘the Singer’ are some of his famous paintings. His sculptures in bronzes are three-dimensional extensions of his collages, chiselled with exquisite symmetry and different textures blessed with love.

His journey as an artist began in Thandavankulam, a village in coastal Tamil Nadu.

G Subramanian  graduated in Fine Arts from Government College of Arts, Kumbakonam and worked as a graphic designer before choosing his career as a full-time artist.

The renowned artist Subramanian has been honoured with many national and international awards including Tamil Nadu State Lalit Kala Academy, All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society, Saudia 6th Malwan GCC Countries Biennale Awards, Saudia 4th Malwan Award with UK Trip, 1998, Saudia 3rd Malwan Award with Italy & France visit in 1996, Lenin 113th Birth Anniversary Award, Soviet Cultural Center, Madras and  Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.

ASRAMA – the Retrospective Exhibition is on show at Kynkyny Art Gallery/ 104/ Embassy Square/ 148 Infantry Road/ Bangalore/

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